Safety & Envirnment

We trust on employees’ strength. We have committed overselves to promoting and maintaining safe working conditions to protect their health.

We religiously follow the EHS policy laid down by management of the company. Personnel safety equipments during working and maintenance jobs are being used as per requirements. Safety training programmes, mock drill, are being conducted in the factory in view to creating and sustaining safety awareness among the workers. We abide the legislative and other relevant requirements of the society to improve environmental condition in continuous manner. Our aim is to eliminate all accidents and injuries and minimise risks while handling chemicals.

We believe in zero discharge and greener environment. We have developed and upgraded several processes which are non-polluting and produced less effluent.

Benzo and Gitanjali have following ETP and safety equipments with safe working activities.

  • Plant safety is continually improved. Every employee is called upon to participate actively in this process, contributing ideas and suggestion. The product Hazop study is carried out and review in view of safety.
  • Safety equipments like Fire extinguishers, safety showers, Eye wash fountains, Fire hydrant system are inspect every fortnightly to ensure in good working condition when needed.
  • Every electrical, civil, engineering, maintenance work is allowed in the plant only with the work permit issue by the concern department after ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken as per check list.
  • On-site Emergency Plan is prepared for the entire factory.
  • All the accidents are reported and analysed for its non-recurrences.
  • Each plant has ETP plant with primary, secondary and biodegradation facility.
  • Each plant have energy efficient Triple Stage Evaporator to evaporate the treated water for the use of gardening and cleaning.
  • We conduct medical check up of all employees every year and prescribes medicines if required by the expert Doctors.